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The only thing Phil Simmons wanted was for the production team of this variety show to use their own people to ensure that the program would develop according to the script that they had designed.

Phil would be a mentor in the variety show ‘Successor’.

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There were a total of four mentors in the program. Apart from Phil, there was a superhero, a star manager of superheroes and a marketing director of a company behind a superhero.

The other three mentors were all big shots in the field of superheroes. The whole point of their existence was to cooperate with Phil, to create the illusion that Phil was of the same level as these people.

In fact, it was absolutely impossible for Phil to perform at the same level as the other three mentors on such a stage with his ability and knowledge reserves.

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However, it did not matter. He had a script.

Phil would be successful as long as he acted according to the script.

Phil did not have the experience of creating a superhero variety show, but there would always be brave people when there were good enough rewards. All of these problems could be easily solved as long as he was willing to spend enough money and hire the right person.

Not every top superhero would be interested in coming to such a variety talent show as a mentor because it was a little like child’s play. However, they would be able to find suitable candidates as long as they gave enough money.

‘Successor’ was commissioned to be produced by a very capable television station in Hope City after Phil spent a lot of money. The auditions and filming work were quickly put on the agenda.

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The production of ‘Successor’ was similar to other Superhero talent shows. The pre-selection was carried out normally, and the potential rookies who wanted to become Superheroes were poached from all over the country. The final winner would be decided through a series of practice and competitions.

It was just that there were some innovations in the rules of the show: They adopted the rules of coaches snatching contestants and team competitions.