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?Provides a digital map of the island, allowing real-time verification of any active designated area and the user’s current location.

?Provides information about nearby Task locations, prospective rewards, and so on.

?Allows confirmation of the current standings of the top and bottom groups. This will become available starting on the fourth day of the exam and last until the end of the twelfth day. (Users will only be shown a point breakdown of the top ten groups, bottom ten groups, and their own group.)

?The GPS searching feature will be unlocked from the sixth day onward, allowing the user to find the physical location of any student on the island. (However, each search will cost the user 1 point.)

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?Displays any notification messages from the school in the event that an exam-wide issue has taken place.

?Should the tablet’s battery run out, it can be charged at the starting area or one of many designated charging locations. (Total battery life is estimated at around eight hours of continuous application use.)

While it was nice that you didn’t have to worry about charging the tablet, the battery level would still drop even if you weren’t actively using it. As such, it’d probably just be safer to buy a portable charger. Losing the ability to check your whereabouts due to a dead battery would be fatal. Besides, even though you could charge it at one of the various charging locations, you’d be giving up on any potential opportunities elsewhere while you waited for it to charge.

Next was the part allowing us to confirm the standings of the top and bottom groups. This seemed like an extremely helpful feature for keeping tabs on how the top groups were faring and finding out who was falling behind, but… You’d probably be better off not getting too attached to it.

The fact that it wouldn’t be available for the first three days and the last two days should always be kept in mind.

On top of all that, we were apparently also being given the ability to search for anybody’s exact location from the sixth day onward. Chances were that it would be used primarily as a means to help groups merge up with each other or help locate the occasional lost group member. That said, the cost that came along with it meant that it couldn’t be used any more than necessary.

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“In order to let you see how much you can fit in the different backpacks and check out some of the other products, we’ve prepared a hands-on demonstration in the other room. Feel free to come up front and take a look as well. The exhibition will be open until the date changes over at midnight tonight.”

With that, the briefing session seemed to be over, with Mashima-sensei finally turning off the microphone.

The students began to gather up near the front, eager to get a closer look at some of the products displayed on stage.