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「Well, what is it, Allen? It’s rare for you to come alone.」

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She finally took the time to talk with me.

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「Yes. Actually, I have something I would like to talk about.」

「Oo, I see… In that case, don’t hesitate to ask about anything. Fortunately, I’m free today.」

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「Thank you very much. Well then…」

Then I told her about the various things I’m worried about right now.

The black sword which I was able to pull out in the laboratory could no longer be pulled out.

In the world of the soul, that guy said that my spiritual power was『completely empty』.

I was able to pull out a small amount of darkness by my own will.

And sensei who listened to all those stories quietly,

「Fumu, I see… In other words, you’re troubled by the『Black Sword』,『Spiritual Power』, and『Darkness』. How to train them and in what order.」

She put together exactly what I was worried about.

「Yes, that’s exactly it…」

Black sword, spiritual power, darkness; I’ve learned a lot of things at once over the last few days.

In order to manifest my soul dress, the black sword, I have to win against that guy in the world of the soul.