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A state where she would no longer be able to breathe comfortably. As though she were struggling, Ibuki used both her hands to grasp my left hand. She digs in with her nails and resists desperately, but my left hand did not even budge.

"Make your decision, Ibuki. Do you want to stop here, or pointlessly continue? If you choose the latter, there's no future for you".

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If she would be convinced by such simple words, we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

However, even so, in the end just one more time I decided to test Ibuki.

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"Ryuuen showed it off. How about you, Ibuki? Do you have enough ability to show it off?".

Ibuki glared at me with as much intensity as she had before. However---Ibuki's hands trembled and she slowy placed that hand on top of my left hand.

Ton, ton, ton. She weakly tapped me three times. From that gesture, and her closed eyes and the resigned look on her face I understand. I gently loosened my left hand and released Ibuki.

"Hah......hah. I didn't think you'd go easy on me just because I'm a woman, but you really showed me no mercy".

"You're not exactly an opponent I can go easy on, are you?".

And besides, if I had gone easy on her, Ibuki would have gone berserk even further. Well, it is true that I was barely trying in terms of using my abilities but that's another story.

The important thing is that I didn't look like I was holding back on her.