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(A normal academy student versus one of the Seven Strongest Swordsmen of Mankind. Anyone who hears that would surely raise an eyebrow.)

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Apparently, Tenshi-sama and Rodis-san have overestimated me.

「And so… Allen-kun and the Bloody Fox’s “intimate relationship” is already common knowledge in the underground society. Everyone knows about it.」

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「I-Intimate relationship is a bit of an overstatement.」

It is true that I am indebted to Rize-san in various ways.

However, I don’t think we have that close of a relationship with each other.

「There’s no point in hiding it, so I’ll say it openly… Like the other state heads, Tenshi-sama and father are most likely strongly suspicious of the Bloody Fox. However, if they were open about it, there is a good chance they might displease Allen-kun. Worst case scenario, you may be taken in by the Noble Faction. That would bring the Royal Faction to their knees.」

The president spoke openly, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

「In order to avoid a scenario like that, Tenshi-sama and father put a hold on “Rize Dorahain’s Judgment”. For that reason, they really want to ask you if it is okay to list the Bloody Fox as a suspect at the next secret conference?」

「I… understand the situation.」

I organized the details in my head and drew a conclusion for the time being.

「A student like me can’t meddle in Tenshi-sama and Rodis-san’s opinions. If they both suspect Rize-san as a suspect in the information leak… that’s unavoidable.」