What software is there a software that makes money on the Internet?

What software is there a software that makes money on the Internet?

As Pei Qian had been thinking about this, the guest room’s door had opened.

Pei Qian stood up and saw Chang You in person for the first time. He was not tall; he looked shorter than 1.7 meters. While he looked thin and weak, he also seemed to exude energy.

“Boss Pei, how are you?”

Chang You shook Pei Qian’s hand. It was quite a solid handshake.

On the whole, Pei Qian’s first impression of Chang You was that he was a man of action. Pei Qian guessed that he was quite stubborn and opinionated.

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It was good that he was a man of action!

Boss Pei did indeed have a preference for bums, but a man of action was the best bet for key management positions like that.

A bum would probably fail to produce anything even after a few months. Boss Pei’s settlement would end up getting delayed. On the other hand, a man of action would work blindly and burn more money.

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Boss Pei loved employees who burned money fast.

What’s more, if Chang You turned out to be stubborn, he would likely cling to his own course. At worst, he would likely make mistakes in huge decisions. At best, he would sow dissension and discord in the management team.

All in all, this Vice President had caused a huge company like Hongcheng Technologies to collapse. He must have had the real skill to achieve a glorious task like that.

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Pei Qian had high hopes for him.

Both of them took their seats in the guest room, and someone served tea. Since they were meeting for the first time, they exchanged a couple of pleasantries. After that, Pei Qian brought up the main topic. “Vice President Chang, to tell you the truth, I appreciate your talents. Tengda has plans to start a tech company, and we’re going to start with cell phones. “I think your precious experience is very important. Please join my team!”

Chang You was stunned. He did not think Boss Pei would be so straightforward.

Chang You was the job seeker, and Boss Pei was the paying employer. Logically, Chang You should have been expected to take the initiative.

However, Boss Pei clearly did not mind these things and immediately displayed his eagerness to hire talents. Chang You could sense his sincerity.

He was very moved.