Platform drawing on online ordering

Platform drawing on online ordering

「…Mo-Mou! Listen Lilim, Ferris! Allen-kun is so not cute unlike his appearance!」

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「That’s what I thought too. He has a gentle face, yet surprisingly strong.」

「I was surprised that he saw through it at first glance…. Different from the vice-president who hasn’t noticed even after two years…」

Apparently, the vice-president who is currently out of the country due to a punishment game seems to have been duped by this.

…How pitiful.

「Well then… president. This match is my win, isn’t it?」


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She bit her lip and nodded.

In addition to having her own cheat being seen through, she was even entrapped by the opponent’s cheat – even the president will have to admit defeat.

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「The right to order the president to do any one thing, how shall I use it…」

The student council president has a variety of rights, such as allocating the site for club activities and holding events such as Tanabata and the New Year’s Countdown, Rose said.

But I’m not particularly dissatisfied with the current Thousand Blade Academy.

Everyone in Class A is a good person and I am very happy with the classes and facilities.