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「Fufu… That child won’t die. After all, Allen-kun’s spirit core is Zeon!」she said, her eyes sparkling like a little girl.

「Can you even imagine, Clown? That a fifteen year old student, snatched away power from Zeon himself?」

「Man, that is a truly fearsome talent…」Clown said, with his eyes partly closed.「But, that’s quite hard, isn’t it?」

He had a complex expression on his face.

「Nn, what do you mean?」

「No, I was just thinking that it was a great burden. To be honest, if I was in his position, I would just throw it all away and run!」

「Fufu, that child’s mental strength is no longer human. He most likely spent an absurd amount of time in the『Prison of Time』. Who knows, perhaps he was there for the whole of『100 million years』?」

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When Rize jokingly said that,

「Ahaha, that’s impossible. The longest record currently confirmed is『one thousand years』」Clown laughed, his shoulders shaking.

「Fufu, you’re right. That was just a joke.」

They were laughing, but…

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In truth, the time Allen spent in the Prison of Time was『over a billion years』.

He continued to loop through the hellish 100 million years more than ten times.

After exchanging that brief discussion, Rize stood up with an elegant movement.

「Well then, I have another meeting, so I am returning to Drestia.」