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I was born in the countryside and have never talked to someone of high rank such as His Majesty the King.

Good manners, behavior, language, etc… There are so many things to worry about.

「It’s alright, Allen. You are invited as a friend of mine today. Just be confident as a guest.」

Even if you say that…

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The other party is the king of a country – I have to take care of manners and conduct.

「F-For the time being… I’ll be careful not to be rude.」

Then we walked straight for a while – there was a big, regal door.

On both sides of the door stood two guards clad in sturdy-looking armor.

They turned their cold, sharp gaze towards me for a moment, and soon after, they saluted Ria.

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「Welcome home, Ria-sama.」

「His Majesty the King is waiting. -Please enter.」

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When the two guards opened the heavy doors, there was a figure of the King sitting on the throne and Claude-san standing behind him.

(So this is the King of Vesteria – Gris-Vesteria…)

Sharp big eyes.

Shortly cut, same bright blonde hair as Ria.