Feng Shui online make money

Feng Shui online make money

“As for right now, I’ll start normally. So, no matter how his start goes, I’ll continue once he dashes out. If his ghost doesn’t follow, I’ll slow down a bit. …But, I’ll keep my awareness and wait seriously. Let’s go with that.”

With this method, I’ll never be fatally far enough from him. This is the plan.

Anyway, the race started.

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I went with the start boost, as I’ve said earlier. As for Keita’s ghost, he-

“…Failed, right?”

I slowed down and waited for him after seeing that his ghost isn’t following me. However, I didn’t let my guard down. Take it slowly. Don’t lose your attention right now so that you can accelerate whenever you want.


“…Eh? What?”

It’s been almost 30 seconds, but the ghost still isn’t catching up. …It’s weird, no matter how you think about it. He should’ve caught up even if he made all of the mistakes possible.

Just as I’m thinking about that-

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Something that should be impossible to see in < Makeo Kart > - a car charging into you from the opposite direction- shot into my eyes.

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His recording is on a collision course with my character. Just as we’re about to hit each other, I passed through his- ghost.


Although I’m shocked, I managed to hold my controller and sped up my character. Then, I think 20 seconds have passed after that?