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He considered for a moment and said, “Let’s go to a video website and ask a content creator to publicize for us.”

“A content creator?”

Lu Mingliang was stunned. He had not thought about this. Most importantly, compared to other ways of publicity, content creators and sponsored partnerships commanded the lowest rates; the resulting effects were also the worst. Lu Mingliang did not think that Boss Pei would think about this method.

This was the Year 2010, and many rather well-known content creators such as Qiao Liang were still finding it tough to eke out a living.

Huang Sibo’s Boss Pei’s Daily Life that had accumulated millions of views; in the end, they had at most gotten some trashy sponsored partnerships requests. No one bothered with ‘classy and custom-made’ videos.

It wasn’t that people didn’t know what was popular; the crux was content creators just did not generate the same buzz as other publicity methods just yet. If one really had money, he could go to the video website and directly buy commercials that would hit the mark.

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When gamers clicked on a gaming video and saw an advertisement right at the start, many of them might actually go and click on it immediately; wouldn’t this achieve a better effect than sponsored partnerships?

Hence, Lu Mingliang did not manage to react for a moment.

However, he recovered and said, “I understand! Boss Pei, you mean to find Huang Sibo and Director Zhu Xiaoce to do a custom-made publicity video for our game; to use Boss Pei’s Daily Life’s popularity to aid in Game Designer’s publicity, right?”

Pei Qian, “???”

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When did I say I wanted to look for Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce?! Don’t misrepresent my words!

I would definitely not ask Zhu Xiaoce and the rest to help with a custom-made video; definitely not!

That would be too much value for money.

Fei Huang Workspace was a subsidiary of Tengda. If Pei Qian gave them a hundred thousand to produce a custom-made video commercial for Game Designer, this hundred thousand would become Fei Huang Workspace’s profits. A portion of that still had to be returned to Tengda!

In from the left pocket and out from the right; it was a super value discount deal. How could Pei Qian allow that?

Furthermore, Zhu Xiaoce was a genius director. Game Designer and Boss Pei’s Daily Life’s themes actually complemented each other. What if the game gained in popularity because of this? Wouldn’t Pei Qian be losing big on two ends?