How to make money on the Internet and reliable

How to make money on the Internet and reliable

First, which content creator should he find for marketing?

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Lu Mingliang read through the contents. There were all sorts of content creators from every area listed there. Even those from the beauty area were included! However, these content creators were all the bland ones; not a single famous content creator was listed!

The most famous content creator listed here who had come into contact with games was ‘Teacher Qiao’, Qiao Liang. In other words, it was the same content creator who dissed The Lonely Desert Road.

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However, Boss Pei purposely cautioned Lu Mingliang not to market the game in the Trash Games Diss, but in the New Recommended Games of the Month.

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On the surface, this was a perfectly reasonable request. This was because Trash Games Diss listed all the lousy games. If they were to run an advertisement in that, the marketing strategy would backfire.

That was why Qiao Liang purposely created another segment—New Recommended Games of the Month, that was meant for sponsored partnerships.

However, if one took a look at how popular each of these segments was, they would discover a problem. The New Recommended Games of the Month series was used especially for sponsored partnerships. The number of views that it got was not even one-tenth of that for Trash Games Diss!

Given that it was so much less popular, what would be the effect of marketing the game there?

The other content creators looked even more ridiculous. They were from the lifestyle area, the beauty area, the science area. Even if these content creators from all sorts of backgrounds worked hard to market the game, how many real players could they attract to play Game Designer?

When one ran advertisements, they focused on the conversion rate.

People who looked at videos in the gaming area were mostly gamers themselves. Once they saw a good recommendation, they would probably search for the game and try it out. For every hundred views—if one person tried the game out, that would still be a satisfactory result.

However, in other areas like the beauty industry—for example, the audience was filled with girls who loved to doll up. Even if they thought that the game looked fun, they might not even bother to search for it. So what if they got a million views? If only one person in every ten thousand people tried the game, it would be disastrous!

Thus, looking at the various types of content creators listed on the document, Lu Mingliang felt confused and exhausted. Yet, more confusing and exhausting things were to follow!

Second, how to market…

Normally, content creators who created videos were people with refreshing personalities. For instance, they might like cursing or saying riddles or might be especially good at coming up with storylines or special effects.

Therefore, when people offered sponsored partnerships, they were normally respectful of the creative intent behind the content creators’ work. This meant they would provide necessary materials and props and leave the content creators to come up with their own content.

Of course, as the receiving parties, if they wanted to make a name for themselves; content creators had to satisfy every single one of the sponsors’ requests. Still, no matter what, sponsors had to respect content creators’ freedom and right to create their own content. This way, both parties would win.

The document that Boss Pei sent over contained a script to be used in videos.

Whether the content creator was from the gaming area, the beauty area, the science area, or the electronics area… every single one of them had to follow the script in their video!