Is the Dishi team that make the platform online?

Is the Dishi team that make the platform online?

Li Shi glanced at him. “Stupid! Would you lose out if you sold it to Boss Pei?”

“Boss Pei will definitely find other ways to make up for it!”

“Think about it. Did Boss Pei say anything to you?”

Che Rong tried hard to recall. “Er... Boss Pei asked about the gym’s name when we were chatting previously. However, he only asked casually and did not say anything else.”

Li Shi nodded slightly. “That’s right! Boss Pei must be planning to invest a sum of money into Star Bird Fitness in private. Otherwise, he would not have deliberately asked.”

Che Rong could not help but feel excited.

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Boss Pei would personally invest?

Wouldn’t Star Bird Fitness take off on the spot?

In fact, Star Bird Fitness was already showing signs of taking off after being invested by Boss Li and the others. However, it was still a level away from Tengda.

For example, the delivery of the smart fitness drying rack was done through Boss Li to contact Chang You. There were several levels after all.

If the cooperation between the two parties could obtain Boss Pei’s approval, it would only be to cozy up to the substitute of someone powerful. Now, it was equivalent to cozy up to someone powerful!

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Che Rong asked, “Then... Boss Li, what are you going to do? Are you going to pretend not to know? Or are you going to buy a lot of property in this district?”

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Obviously, since Boss Pei was buying a house here, it meant that the property prices would definitely skyrocket!

Wouldn’t it be the best time to buy it now?

Li Shi nodded, and then shook his head. “I want to buy the houses here, but... it’s not to generate profits.”

Che Rong was stunned. “Why is that?”

Li Shi explained, “Can’t you tell that Boss Pei has always been very resistant to ‘property speculation’?”

Che Rong recalled carefully. “Yes... Indeed, when I told Boss Pei about my experience, especially when I said that I wanted to invest the money of the house into the gym, his eyes seemed to approve.”

“What’s more, if Boss Pei wanted to sell houses, he would definitely buy the properties here on a large scale. However, from what I know, he only bought this one.”