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On DGE Club’s end, Zhang Yuan told the players that ZZ Live-Stream was about to host a ‘performance contest’. No one was very interested in it at first.

What ZZ Live-Stream Performance Competition which sounded very degrading?

We are professional players! GOG’s highest standards!

We respect every game! Never look down on their opponents!

Asking us to perform, what did you think we were? Are we circus clowns?

However, Zhang Yuan said that ‘every game could win up to 100,000 yuan according to their score. The club and the players would split half’. Everyone’s expressions changed significantly.

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100,000 yuan for one game?

If Team One and Team Two were to play a game a day and perform well, wouldn’t everyone be able to get 10,000 yuan? If they were to play for 10 days, they would obtain 100,000 yuan each?

Moreover, they could obtain the remaining money if there were remaining bonuses? This quick money was too easy to obtain! Wouldn’t they be idiots?

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The team members quickly became energetic about it.

“No problem, isn’t it just to perform as much as possible while guaranteeing that we’ll win? Leave it to us!”

August 11th, Thursday...

Pei Qian came to Fish-Catching Take-Out Store Number One to check on the status of the microbial waste processor and to have lunch. After more than a week of preparation, the microbial waste processor machines ordered beforehand would be able to be put to use soon.

It was close to lunch. Pei Qian sighed silently as he watched the delivery guys outside Fish-Catching Take-Out Store Number One picking up and delivering food. He sighed silently.

So difficult!

It had been almost two weeks since garbage sorting. As a result, many people’s living standards had changed. Many jokes appeared on the internet, such as ‘what kind of garbage are you?’

Discussions would make it a trend, and trends would bring sales volume.