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I successfully divided the dummy into eight equal parts.

This is not a special technique, but I chose it simply because it looks good.

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「The slash, split into eight parts…!?」

「And… such a clean cut…!?」

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The three interviewers reacted in three different ways.

I suppose I did good.

(Hell yeah, choosing Yatagarasu was the correct option.)

So when I sheath my sword back in its scabbard and sat on the round stool again,

「T-Thank you very much. This concludes the interview. A few days later, we will send you the results in an envelope, please confirm at that time. Well then, take care on your way back.」

The interview was finished successfully.

「Then, excuse me.」

After I thanked them for the last time, I left Thousand Blade Academy after leaving the reception room.


I was a little nervous.