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It is neither martial art nor swordsmanship. She just threw a knife.

Knife throwing technique? But how many does she have?!

『Tis neither a small sword nor knife. That.... is a ‘Kunai’ and ‘Shuriken’.』

“What is it?”

『Weapons unique to Ninja Warriors. Be careful! Do not react only to what is visible!』

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“Tch, don’t, take me, lightly!”

『Behind you, child!』

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Don’t react only to visible things...... tch!?

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“Huh, it’s, a log!?”

As I was avoiding the kunai, I felt something approaching from behind, and the moment I turned around, a big log with a rope attacked me like a pendulum.

『Tis a trap, child. That little girl was setting up a trap while you were dealing with the two ninjas.』

Whoa, a trap. But......

“Won’t work, I’m not a beast to be snared! Like this.”