Online point red envelopes can not be credible

Online point red envelopes can not be credible

「It is I who should say so, nice to meet you.」

I held his hand tightly and we shook hands.

Bacchus Valencia.

He seems to be in his mid-fifties.

Deep maculine facial features with a lot of wrinkles, and deep crimson eyes exactly like Rose’s.

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A giant build of over two meters and steel-like muscles.

Short white hair that is swept back.

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A beautifully kempt white beard asserts its presence around his mouth.

What is particularly impressive is the black “sakura pattern” that stands out on the left side of his chest.

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His top is a long white haori drawn with a flurry of sakura petals, and his bottom is simple black trousers.

An immense pressure was emitted from the large sword fastened at his waist.

(But man, what a strong hand.)

It’s bulkier and stronger than anybody I’ve ever gripped.

(I’m sure he’s devoted himself to swordsmanship for an incredibly long time.)