Is there a more profitable online part-time job?

Is there a more profitable online part-time job?

There were many similar comments; most people did not have any opinion on the Thriller Hostel itself. As a haunted house, it could indeed be ranked in the country, but it was obviously not attractive enough in the follow-up.

Most people concluded that it would still be a good deal if one was a local and visited it with friends. However, if one was not a local and not a horror lover, then it would be obviously not cost-effective to go all the way to be frightened.

The most discussed issues here were mainly focused on the positioning and pricing of the Thriller Hostel, which was believed to be the key factor leading to the subsequent weakness of this project.

Everyone had different opinions on whom to throw the blame to.

Some people said that Boss Pei would definitely not make such a low-level mistake, and it was definitely the fault of the person-in-charge.

Some said something as important as the pricing strategy must have been reported to Boss Pei so it was impossible for him not to know. There were calls not to deify Boss Pei; Boss Pei was an ordinary person and would make mistakes.

In short, the current situation of Thriller Hostel was not good.

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Some UP Masters might be introducing the Thriller Hostel experience on the Aili Island video website, and the contents were very comprehensive. However, the responses were mediocre. They were not popular; neither did they become very good publicity.

Qiao Liang could not help but complain on behalf of Boss Pei especially since one of the most exaggerated comments was: “I think the brain of the person-in-charge was fried; he probably had too much money so he’s just burning some away.”

“Misunderstanding, this is definitely a misunderstanding!

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“Sure enough, being misunderstood is the fate of the one who expresses himself. How dare he say Boss Pei’s brain is fried? Think he has too much money? What a bunch of nonsense!

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“Boss Pei is a business genius! Most people don’t even understand Boss Pei’s positioning and special pricing strategy?

“It seems like it still has to be me, Teacher Qiao, who unveils the truth to everyone!”

Qiao Liang switched the website to the operating platform of Aili Island. He could not help making a fist and shouting ‘YES!’ upon seeing the words ‘Upload Completed’ on the screen.