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“R-Really? You never played that…Ah, h-how about Hoshinomori-san…”

“I’ve never played it…I’m sorry…”


…The conversation is over. I-It’s because we have never played the game she’s talking about.

Moreover, there’s something more important right now…

“Uh, Tendou-san? Well, there’s something important that Chiaki and I wanted to tell you right now-“

“This game is really based on WWI, the immersion is powerful!”

“Isn’t that topic over already!”

The Battlefield discussion seems to be continuing again! Tendou-san started talking non-stop.

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“No. Personally, I’m really fond of FPS that’s based in the near-future with intense combat and futuristic items! However, there are some situations where you have to participate in a slow battle to emphasize the importance of teamwork and tactics! Think about it, the reason why online battle games are fun is that they’re not just focused on accuracy-“

“P-Please wait, Tendou-san! I-I’m not against other people’s game commentary. Even so, can you put that game aside from a second?”

I tried my best and interrupted Tendou-san. She let out an unwilling “ugh” mumble…Eh, has she always been like this? Uh, even though Chiaki and I will go haywire when we’re talking about our favorite games…However, Tendou-san should be able to observe the mood and act decisively…

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A-Anyway, Tendou-san stopped talking about Battlefield.