Is online painting to make money?

Is online painting to make money?

“That hurts a lot!”

I glared at Main-san speechlessly.

“Well, I bet Main-san has a very mature and adult-like love experience, right?”

“…Hmph. Sheesh, don’t ask such a stupid question, Amako. Isn’t it obvious? Right?”


Main-san helplessly shrugged as she looked at me with bright eyes.

I freaked out since she looks so flirtatious that it makes me associate her with a snake. …At the same time, Main-san licked her lips and told me.

“Did you really think there’s a man that matches me in this world?”

“This is the coolest and most unpopular speech I’ve ever heard!”

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It looks like a glorious battle between a demon king and the hero. However, in the end, it’s just an ugly debate between a hikineet and an old virgin.

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After seeing me dropping my shoulders depressingly, Main-san opened her arms greatly as if she’s a real demon king without any embarrassment.

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“Hey, Amako, a 3* character that finally can be used in battle after much grinding and the strongest 5* pure white character that’s a guaranteed victory, which one is worth more?”

“This is also the first time that I’ve seen a person that tries to normalize her unpopularity!”

“Hmph, look at how dumb you are. I’m not unpopular. Instead, I won't let myself become popular.”