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I stopped due to the red light on the crosswalk. After that, I looked back at the unpopular game store behind me. I stared at that dazedly as I thought about my ideal partner.

(Well, …first of all, the person must love gaming.)

I listed the conditions in my mind.

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I can see a high school boy’s back in front of the game store entrance. He’s playing the ultra-old demo version of a scrolled action game. This guy got some weird tastes.

I looked at his back without paying too much attention as I continued thinking.

(Although non-gamers uploading first plays videos aren’t something new, that’s too far from what I’m looking for. Indeed, the person must love gaming at least. However…)

So, I can’t help but rub between my eyebrows.

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(At the same time, the person must be poorly skilled to a certain degree. This is hard to find. People often say that you can be good at something when you’re interested in it. That’s what gaming is. Basically, the experience is more important than talent. Therefore, it’s challenging to meet a person that loves gaming while simultaneously suck at it…)

At this time, that high school boy who’s busy playing demo met a simple-minded and weak enemy. His character took damage. Then, perhaps he’s getting nervous, he pressed the wrong button and fell into the bottomless pit. He lost a life meaninglessly.


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…Uh, where was I? Ah, yes, yes, yes, the conditions for an ideal partner.

(Yes, also, more importantly, the reactions must be funny. However, this isn’t easy as well. After all, the “funny” that I’m looking for isn’t just screaming and yelling. How should I put it? What I want is a simple reaction that can make people laugh. …The person will try to cover up his mistakes in a humorous way. …No, that would be too extravagant-)

During this moment, the high school boy made the same mistake at the exact same level. Even though it’s not a hard level, he keeps getting hit by those weak enemies and falls into the pit. Also, I didn’t expect this time to be…