What is the special 3 to make money online?

What is the special 3 to make money online?

It should have at least 1 billion US dollars if it was popular!

When the time comes, the major theaters will be struggling to line up this movie and squeeze out Tomorrow is Beautiful. Wouldn’t this be a piece of cake?

At present, 31.4%!o(MISSING)f the theater space was scheduled for its launch date. This line-up would definitely rise if this trend were to continue!

Moreover, the schedule for Tomorrow is Beautiful had fallen to less than 15%!<(MISSING)/p>

The only pity Pei Qian felt was that this film did not release half a month earlier. It would have been the best if it was released together with Tomorrow is Beautiful!

However, it was never too late, it could at least help Pei Qian earn less money afterward!

Pei Qian was elated as he thought of this scenario.

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March 12th, Saturday...

It was the weekend, and there was no need to go to work. However, Pei Qian had a very heavy task every weekend starting from today!

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He checked the latest updates with OTTO E1 while eating his Fish-Catching Take-Out. As expected, the pre-order did not reach 5,000 units. They could at least reduce 4,000 units this time. The numbers were about the same as Pei Qian’s estimates.

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This number had caused a lot of ridicule online as well.

That was because the news conference for the launch of OTTO E1 was very lively. The video website showed the digital list of Aili Island. Chang You’s crosstalk attracted many imitators.

The 1,000 units were instantly sold out on the day of the news conference, creating an illusion of high popularity.

Many people had questioned if this was hunger marketing previously. Now that there was an appointment by deposit scheme and yet the number of appointments was less than 5,000, it was very far off from the other larger cell phone manufacturing brands whose order books were in the 10,000 units.