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She answered immediately. I rolled my eyes at her, and Konoha-san began to sweat a lot. …So, finally, she gave up on herself and said, “Ah, …jeez, I got it!” Then, she took a seat.

After seeing her like that, …I can’t help but laugh.

“Haha, thank you, Konoha-san. For some reason, when I’m talking to you, I’ll feel relaxed somehow! I should say chatting with you makes me forget reality for a while…”

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“Yes, yes, yes, thanks for that, senpai. Jeez, I can’t believe you’re making fun out of your partner…”

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Konoha-san pouted as she stared at the snowy scene sulkily. As for me, …I politely lowered my head to her.

“I sincerely appreciated that. …Seriously, I’ve always wanted to thank you.”

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“…Hmph, hmph.”

Konoha-san hmphed as she looked away embarrassingly. She urged me to continue as if she’s trying to hide something.

“So? What actually happened? A few days ago, …on the 4th day of senpai’s school trip.”

This is Konoha-san’s question.

I…first took a deep breath as I remembered what happened on that day.

The things that happened on the 4th day of the school trip where we separated into two couples to watch the parade.

Aguri-san and I planned to give the high-class present to each of our lovers, …the paired Loverbears. We spent a lot of time and effort into getting them.

-In conclusion, the Loverbears are still with us.

Also, it’s not because our partner said, “you should keep that?” lovingly.

Simply, it’s because we can’t give them out.

In other words, Tendou-san and Uehara-kun didn’t even know that we want to give this high-class present out, which symbolized the two couples. The reason for that is-