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Zhang Wang nodded. “Apart from that, we have to improve the application.

“At the end of the day-once we’ve found a suitable artist and all the items we ordered arrive, we can announce the official opening of the shared phone booths!

“Let me call Boss Pei.”

Zhang Wang retrieved his phone and dialed Boss Pei’s number.

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After that, he calmly explained the shared phone booth’s situation to Boss Pei in detail.

On the other end of the line, beads of cold sweat formed on Pei Qian’s forehead when he heard that Zhang Wang had set up a shared phone booth in the shopping mall.

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However, he relaxed almost immediately. According to Zhang Wang, he had changed the structure of the phone booth and increased its scale. He had also set it up in the shopping mall. However, from the morning until now, only one girl had scanned the QR code to take some pictures inside the booth. They had only earned fifteen yuan. The initial investment into the shared phone booths was about forty thousand yuan. Rent alone cost close to a thousand yuan per month.

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Of course, Zhang Wang simply said that he was ‘working hard to improve the customer experience’, and he believed that they would ‘see the effects soon’.

At last, Zhang Wang dove into the purpose of his call. He requested for Boss Pei to help him find an artist who would do an artwork on the front of the shared phone booth, so that it would look more artistic.

At that point, Pei Qian realized that the shared phone booths had far more potential than he had imagined!

Pei Qian had originally thought that he would invest less than ten thousand yuan into each phone booth, set them up by the roadside, and leave them there for half a year. At most, he had expected to lose about ten thousand yuan per phone booth.

When they finally sold the scrap metal and glass, Pei Qian expected to recover some capital as well.

However, from the way things were going, they could lose about fifty thousand yuan in just half a year!

If one phone booth could lose that much money, how about a hundred phone booths?