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"You put in…… eh? This is totally delicious! It’s like, exactly the same as what I was drinking earlier!”

“The cup that was crushed earlier had a lot of sugar collected in the bottom, so I figured that you like your coffee sweet. I’m glad I didn’t make any mistakes.”

“But, ah, it feels like it has the exact same amount of sugar that I like added to it…… is this a coincidence?”

“I calculated in reverse based on the amount of sugar that hadn’t dissolved in your last cup.”

“Huh!? You can do that!?”

“I suppose it could be considered surprising. Despite how I look, I have a rather good perception?”

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With that, she turned towards me, Yukimura, and Miyake.

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“This is- You guys are holding a study session, right?”

“People like her totally drain my energy……”

Hasebe had been irritated until just now, but she had become entirely overwhelmed by Hiyori’s inscrutable pace.

From Yukimura’s point of view, he didn’t want to risk giving Hiyori any extra information, so he quickly covered up everyone’s notes.

“By any chance, do you think I’m a spy?”

“You don’t even need to ask, of course we’re suspecting you.”

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“I wouldn’t do that. After all, I normally keep my distance from Ryūen-kun.”