What small pictures are made online

What small pictures are made online

“So, she’s a pretty good mother in the end, right. …Mii still really loved her.”


The fact that she added Mii at the last part stopped me from joking with her, even though we’re hostile.

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Main-san continued.

“Then, in comparison, my father is an easy-to-understand working class. Of course, he’s not at home usually. Even when he is, he doesn’t show any interest in his daughters. He’s the type that focuses more on logic than emotions.”

“Ah, I believe in the father’s genetics side more.”

“You’re annoying, …whatever. Anyway, my father’s a robotic human that’s entirely different from my mother. It’s right on both the good and bad sides. He cares about logic more than emotions. However, that’s why he’ll never do dangerous things like cheating or crimes. So, -for example, instead of playing with the kids on holiday, he’ll choose to give more money to the kids and get them out. He’s that kind of person who lives by his own principles. …So, he’s not bad as a parent, right?”

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I answered the question with silence. …Honestly, I even feel like this father is a bit pathetic. However, Main-san doesn’t sound like she hates him at all. So, perhaps this is one kind of family too. …My father isn’t the most incredible person on Earth as well.

“Well, here comes the question.” Main-san smiled calmly and changed the topic.

“My mother’s gentle, warm, lovable, and shy. However, that’s why she was half-forced to cheat behind my father. That was the only mistake she made. Yet, she just had to confess to my father honestly. As for the father, he’s a coldhearted and laissez-faire person. …If parents like this are trying to make the daughters live with one side during the divorce, what do you think the result would be?”


“Hint 1: The daughters both voted for the same person. …Sigh, Mii was still pretty young back then and didn’t understand. However, she clearly chose the side with the kinder appearance.”


“Hint 2: With my talents, I can basically earn as much money as I want.”