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「–A technique that blocks your vision is perfect as a camouflage, isn’t it?」

The president calmly warded off Flying Shadow, and firmly grasped my position hiding behind it.

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(…She read me!?)

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「C-Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

I became flustered and unleashed four simultaneous slashes which has the shortest launch time.

It’s a feint.

「Ara, four is completely insufficient, you know?」

She was able to evade the two slashes brilliantly and easily defended the rest.

Composure, kinetic vision, swordsmanship – everything is at a high level.

(Strong… and as opposed to Sid-san’s brute strength, hers was『Skillful strength』…)

This is probably the first time I’m facing such a skilled opponent.

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Surely half-baked attacks won’t work against her.

「That’s true, how about this then…? Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

A total of eight slashes were unleashed simultaneously, with four strikes from left and right each, like mirror alignment.

「So pretty. But still, not good enough.」