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[S2] There word used here was ポンコツ Ponkotsu, which wiktionary says mean ‘worn out’ and ‘no longer useful’. I figured ‘mature’ went better. Ignore. After re-edit, clumsy worked best.

[S3] This scalding take down is courtesy of [nobaraotome] over at reddit. My original attempt had the demon king more passive aggressively sparing Earth’s feelings. But him showing his disdain would mirror the reader’s feelings I believe.

Translated by: Sads07

In a certain room, the Emperor and the Prime Imperial Warrior, who are considered the pinnacle of all the warriors of the Empire, were having tea.

Normally, the relationship is as between a Lord and his subordinate.

However, there was no such mood between them, as the air was filled with the laughter of old friends.

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“Yeah so, the other day... Earth got pissed at me.... it’s kinda tough.... at that age.”

Talking about issues that could be found in any common family, is the man who stands at the head of the imperial warriors and holds the title of Hero.

Hiro Lagann.

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He was one of the seven Heroes of the world, and the man that dealt the final blow to defeat the Great Demon King.

“Goodness sake, to think you became the Warrior Prime, you’ve ways to go... is what I’d like to say, but I’m the same. In both good and bad ways, there are difficulties when it comes to Phianse.

Giving Hiro his answer with a wry smile is the Emperor who reigns over the empire.

Solja Depaltia.