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When I turned my face to see what the hell was going on...

“When did thou realize... I was Jamdi’el?”


The moment I heard the question, my spine suddenly straightened and I realized that I had been too careless.

“I have yet to give thou my name. But when Lady Kron mentioned my name, there was no reaction from thee.”

“Well, that’s...”

“How could Hiro and Mamu’s son... let alone the academy students of the Imperial City, not know the name ‘Jamdi’el’?”

That’s true. I’m not supposed to know Jamdi’el’s name yet.

Tre’ainar told me Jamdi’el’s name and identity, but she doesn’t know that.

In fact, when Tre’ainar first told me Jamdi’el’s name, how shaken up I got...

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“Why can you use the Great Demon Spiral... it was a matter of little consequence before the fact that the successor of the Great Demon King was present, so I didn’t particularly pursue it as it would be problematic were thou to be overly vigilant and attempt escape. Say?”

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Jamdi’el calmly and slowly put her hand on my shoulder.

From that hand, I felt an unbelievable chill.

“What in the world are thee? And how can thou know I am Jamdi’el, yet still remain nonchalant and train with calm?”

She should ‘not be doing that’ to me, but I could sense that she was able ‘to do that’.

The pressure was so strong that I could instinctively sense that this hand on my shoulder could easily separate my head from my torso with a slight movement